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He Could Get It…James Franco

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WHY? Flipping heck, Franco. Just what is it about him? Is it his soft, espresso-hued, come hither eyes? The fair-but-firm hands? The knowing smile? The dedication to education? The devil-may-care attitude? The kooky dress sense? The thick hair crying out to be tousled? DAT MOUTH? I’m not sure. Someone help me out!


He Could Get It…Adam Richman

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WHY? The man is good to his mama and deeply passionate about my favourite subject ever – FOOD – and that’s enough for him to get it right there. But I can’t neglect to mention his pretty moo-cow brown eyes, sweeter-than-a-soda-pop smile and no-nonsense, down home New York accent that will have you cooking him breakfast before it gets light. AND he’ll make you laugh until you’re moist (from your EYES with TEARS. Obvs).

He Could Get It…James McAvoy

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WHY?  First and foremost his accent could grate cheese. It’s glorious. Secondly he acted Keira Knightley out of the room in Atonement and gave a stellar performance in The Last King Of Scotland. And finally, only someone as ridiculously awesome as J Mac could crash a golf cart and literally scar Michael Fassbender for life.  And just where did he get them blue eyes?

He Could Get It…Michael Fassbender

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WHY? This German-Irish bit of handsome is just that…a bit of handsome. He can act, likes the sistahs, speaks fluent Deutsch with a lilting Irish brogue, and his name is awesome – I mean, “Fassbender”…it’s like a Chippendale with a past.

Furthermore a guy who says things such as “I think you can use your body to express a paragraph of dialogue” has GOT to be wifey material. I salute you, M. Fass.

He Could Get It…Tom Hiddleston

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WHY? Fell a bit in love with him after Thor because he was all menacing and sneaky and melodramtic and cute. Then I found out he was in Wallander and I loved him even more. His tweets are pure poetry, and the way he is oh-so-grateful for his fans’ support… And who can forget that voice of his – as neat, and proper and English as a cricket green and equally as lush. Oh, and he is FIERCELY intelligent. Seriously. His IQ should be measured in Farenheit or something.

He Could Get It…Bradley Cooper

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WHY? According to the sister: “because of his sparkling blue eyes; and his smile- it’s quite knowing. It’s like he knows something about you you’re yet to find out. He also comes across as very intelligent” The dude speaks French like a native, can cook, is funny and his middle name is Charles. Not sure why the latter is hot…

He Could Get It…Christopher Gorham

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WHY? His smile could light up a block of flats, he’s morally grounded (and sexy widdit), and his Twitter account is hilarious. Furthermore, he stole the show as Henry in 13-part slasher/drama/sitcom/thingy Harper’s Island.